Kitchen Customisation

Select your Desired Kitchen Style

Customers are enabled and empowered to consider their kitchen style of choice. This may include vintage , classic or contemporary styles and the associated kitchen layouts.

Designs are carefully thought through for each home type to create the perfect balance of flare and functionality.

Bespoke Kitchen Styles are made a Reality with our Signature Tailoring Choices

Customers are encouraged to think about the style of door and feature handles that complement their selected kitchen layout.

Luxury Worktop Choices

Customers can review and consider a wide selection of worktop choices, dependent upon their requirements and design template.

– Sophisticated granite or Stone Kitchen Work Surfaces.

– Robust Hard Wood and Laminate Kitchen Work Surfaces.

– Luxury Marble Kitchen Work Surfaces.

Select Signature or Upgrade Appliances for you Desired Finish

A customer can take time to digest the array of appliances available within the kitchen space. In most instances upgrade selection can be made, which include:

– Ovens, Hobs & Range Cookers

– Fridge Freezers

– Extract Appliances

– Washing Appliances